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Types of Insurance

Errors and Omissions insurance, Malpractice Insurance & Professional Liability Insurance – They actually mean the same thing.

As a responsible Nutritional Consultant, you understand that you need insurance, but which is the right type of policy? The market is flooded with various limits, abbreviations, terms and short forms and we understand it can be confusing. You need an insurance broker who understands your risks, concerns and mostly importantly your practice.

So what do they mean? To reiterate, Errors and Omissions Insurance, Malpractice Insurance & Professional Liability Insurance mean the exact same thing. They are backed by the same wordings, all used by professionals such as yourself. Your policy from LMI Canada Insurance ensures that you are getting relevant coverages and premiums applicable to your practice. You need a policy that protects you from the specific professional liability risks that stem from the practice of Nutritional. At LMI Canada, we offer that policy and we call it Professional Liability Insurance instead. Our policy is truly comprehensive and will provide you with superior coverage.

We hope this has been helpful to allow you a better understanding of the various industry terms and to choose our Professional Liability Policy.